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Curlzone offers programming and development for all LTAD stages. We are highly skilled at accelerating both athlete and coach development up to 30% faster than the National model while mitigating risks of injury utilizing our empirical innovative technologies and protocols. We employ only the very latest sports science methods and academic practices to achieve your desired goals and results.  Our coaches follow a continuous NCCP certified professional development program. We are consistently positioned to deliver your Athletes, Coaches and Ice Technicians where they need to be...rather than what past winners attained. Your competitors are not static, and your leaders and winners will not develop with outdated or obsolete programming. We program to win...not follow!


Curlzone offers programming for;

  • International Sport Federations
  • Provincial / Stae Federations
  • Multisports facilities / Clubs
    • Board Members
      • Term Program Development
      • Business Planning
    • Staff Education
    • Coach, Athlete, Technician Development 
    • Stake Holders
  • Educational Institutions
  • Government / Municipal Projects

LTAD Curling Key Performance Indicators

Curlzone focuses on the following pathways in order to accelerate stage consistencies in athlete development.

  • Physical Strength & Conditioning
  • Sport Nutrition
  • Stage & Age Development
  • Technical & Tactical Skills
  • Mental Skill Development
  • Personal & Team Dynamics
  • Ancillary Capacities
  • Training Plans (YTP)
    • Phases & Cycles
    • Periodization
    • Ratios & Peaking Index
    • Recovery & Regeneration


Curlzone Inc.