Curlzone employs only certified (N.C.C.P.) coaches and learning facilitators to develop athletes and coaches along the (L.T.A.D) Long Term Athlete Development structured model. We utilize professional empirical coaching philosophies and methods to attain desired goals.

Our certified coaches endorse and practice the "do no harm" philosophy. Long term athlete development without physical or mental injuries.

We stand ready to deliver your programs for;

  • Learn to Curl

    • No lift delivery

    • Wheelchair Delivery

    • Stick Delivery

  • Intermediate

  • High Performance

  • High Performance Elite

Curlzone focuses on the following map to maximize speed and consistency of athlete development.
  • Physical Strength & Conditioning

  • Sport Nutrition

  • Stage & Age Development

  • Technical & Tactical Skills

  • Mental Skill Development

  • Personal & Team Dynamics

  • Ancillary Capacities

  • Training Plans (YTP)

    • Phases & Cycles

    • Periodization

    • Ratios & Peaking Index

    • Recovery & Regeneration

In addition to full curling clinics, Curlzone  offers training in module form. These modules are designed to intensively analyse and correct specific elements in developing the player to their full potential.

  • Rock & Ice Science (2hrs)*
  • Delivery (3hrs)*
  • Brushing (2hr)*
  • Game, Rules & Ethics (1.5hrs)*
  • Weight Control (2hrs)*
  • Communications (1hr)*
  • Strategy *
    • Intermediate 2hrs
    • Advanced 3hrs
    • Competition 4hrs
    • High Performance 4hrs
  • Mental & Physical Prep. 4hrs*

 Times is approximated to deliver the entire module, actual time may vary depending on the number and skill of participants.
Curlzone offers certified coaching services to assist curling clubs, schools and other organizations in presenting a curling program. We also offer coaching and analytical programs for competitive and high performance teams. Group, individual or team coaching can be an important part of your curling experience. Curlzone makes use of innovative technologies and coaching techniques to develop the best player / athlete in you. Coaching sessions include video analysis with "detect and correct" measures. We also employ sport professionals to correct bio-mechanical issues for injury prevention and  maximum long term performance.


Clinics: (min.10 / max 30 persons) @ $25.00/pers. (Includes all course materials & equipment)

Modules: (min.10 / max 30 persons) @ $20.00/pers. (Includes all course materials & equipment) Modules can be combined during the same day at no extra cost.

Personal Instruction: Please ask for rates based on coaching level.

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