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Curlzone's Delivery Data Analytics over Video

What evidence can you derive about ice profile/conditions on "this particular line of delivery" by analyzing the energy decay profile after release? (Hint: Look at the red and orange lines after release) (Since this is an "Out-turn/counter-clockwise", any downward direction in the red line = acceleration, any upward direction is deceleration.) (The opposite is true for the orange line)

Knowledge = Power, don't guess when you can see, detect, measure, correct, develop & record data into the yearly training plan. Put empirical science into your athlete & coaching development program. Do better by knowing more. "Green"=Magnetic trigger, "Yellow"=Line of Delivery, "Red"= Rock Rotation / Angular Momentum, "Orange"= Rock Acceleration/Deceleration.

Welcome to Curlzone Curling Products & Services Inc.

Our professional multisports staff offer training for athletes, coaches and federations in the following:

  • Physical Strength & Conditioning
  • Sport Nutrition
  • Stage & Age Development (LTAD)
  • Technical & Tactical Skills
  • Mental Skill Development
  • Athlete & Team Dynamics
  • Ancillary Capacities
  • Training Plans (YTP)
    • Phases & Cycles
    • Periodization
    • Ratios & Peaking Index
    • Recovery & Regeneration

Our pro shop in Hawkesbury boasts state-of-the-art sports technologies & equipment.

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